We have to thank Sec. Martin Andanar and the great office (PCOO) that he leads. He has offered us a name.

Thinking about FAFDA emoji

And since he persists in making blunder after blunder, we’ll immortalize this gift by making the name our own.


The PCOO is the official (sometimes sanitized) version of the DDS.

What is the DDS? It has many meanings but we like to think of it as Duterte’s Delusional Society.

It is the real communication platform of this administration.

In this “collective” we’ll find names like Greco Belgica, Lorraine Badoy, Teddyboy ‘f***face’ Locsin, and Bruce Rivera.  Power has made them all a little silly.

Are you a part of this new world order led by ‘the best and the brightest’? Find out in this explosive ‘what is evil?’ questionnaire.


We are all too familiar with the DDS’ nemesis: the Dilawans.

Organisado daw ang Dilawan?

The DDS, in their never-ending script,  share the belief that Dilawans are the phantom menace.

Smart people know better.

Though belief can turn into reality, praying for this to happen is foolish. So while waiting for the Republic to right itself…

Who you gonna call?

Surprisingly, we have good candidates.

Pinoy Ako Blog, Superficial Gazette, Change Scamming, etc. are bright spots – dilawan substitutes (?) –  in Facebook feeds overflowing with DDS headlines.

Here’s our initial list of FAFDA candidates.


Who’s winning?

Is it still the Goliath DDS?

Will FAFDA, with its slingshot, ever overcome?

We made this website to find out.

Do you want to watch with us? Do you want to join the crusade?

Sign-up below via email, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

We’ll keep you posted while we resist the New Empire.

Or get tokhang’d (read: crushed, detained, beaten) in the process.