Organisado ang Dilawan?

Ang mga dilawan ay organisado – Uson, 2017

Mocha Uson, queen of the DDS propaganda machine, recipient of taxpayer’s money, recently pronounced that the yellows are organized.

Any thinking human being on the planet would laugh at this statement. Then again, we live in a time of Unthinking Pinoys – those lured by grand conspiracies and those willing to believe the worst to justify the present.

If you follow the likes of Mocha, Sasot, Rivera, Chu, and Nieto – not for entertainment but for guidance – then this is your time.

You are now the ruling class.

You are now the status quo.

Kayo po ang organisado. Nanalo nga kayo eh.

And we who fight your views (and your lies), we are a laughable minority, cockroaches not worthy of your attention.

An Accepted Republic of Death

Republic of Death

Let’s put things in proper context.

PDuts is commander-in-chief (executive). His men control congress (legislative). He is primed to pack the highest courts (judiciary) with allies.

His iron fist is wrapped around the nation’s jugular. And his supporters – including those who didn’t vote for him – adore him for it.

Resistance is futile, for most

President Duterte, Inquirer SWS Survey
“The survey, conducted from June 23-26 among 1,200 respondents, revealed that 78 percent of Filipinos were satisfied with the Duterte’s performance. Only 12 percent were dissatisfied and 10 percent were undecided.”

Survey after survey shows that mass extrajudicial killing is an accepted policy. The once vocal press is now wagging its tail under its legs. Social media, sadly, appears to favor the President’s war.

There are blissful pockets of resistance but any credible claim of ‘organization’ can be dashed to the ground. This is assuming you are a thinking person rather than a gullible pawn.

Demise of the Dilawans

Just look at the Liberal Party’s recent “national” gathering which was described as “low-key”. Translation: widespread support has ended, abandon ship.

Dragon breathing over yellows
Duterte’s dragons vs. Dilawans

Ironically, the supermajority that President Duterte now controls in the Legislative Branch are former-‘dilawans’, rats fleeing the sinking ship.  They’ve  been welcomed to join the new regime of change with open arms.

Those who’ve chosen to remain with the old yellow vanguard are now targets.

Kiko Pangilinan, Leni Robredo, Frank Drilon, Mar Roxas, Kit Belmonte
Do they look organized to you?

One by one, they’ll find themselves picked off by the likes of Mocha and her merry band of conspiracy theorists.

Liberal democracy is dead in the Philippines. We now live in the killing fields. In this place, Goebbels is a former sex guru. In this time, indecency and hatred are supported by the State.

So going back… is the yellow army organized? No, it’s dead and scattered to the winds.

But should it remain that way? Enter FAFDA.

Who could be behind the 'fafda' tweet?
What does it all mean?!?

Rise of the Cockroaches

There have been many theories about the cryptic code released by the Presidential Communications group.

Was it a typo? A venerable covfefe? Or did Martin the Discipline divine token resistance from the dying dilawans?

Whatever its true meaning, we who have watched from the sidelines have decided to act. We’ll take their word and turn it around. We’ll use it as a launchpad for our own agenda – the formation of an alliance.

Hindi pa po organisado ang dilawan. Pero gagagwin po namin ng paraan.

One myth holds that roaches can weather a nuclear bomb. We don’t have to be so dramatic. We just need to weather Mocha.

– F.A.F.D.A.
‘Forces Against Fafa Digong’s Army’? This is temporary. We think it better than FAFDA Magic Dragon. Suggestions are welcome.

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