What will we do?

Who’s winning the war?

We’ve talked about the two sides of the political coin:

  1. The pushback; and
  2. The DDS.

How do we measure what’s happening? This is new territory.

Is it possible to monitor the interaction between the pushback and the DDS?

Can the truth (and the minority)  still fight the false (and the majority)?

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure”

This site will be devoted to curating and measuring the most engaging content from both sides of the political spectrum.

Now, we already know that the DDS has a name with many meanings. Take your pick from:

  1. Davao Death Squad,
  2. Duterte Die-Hard Supporters, or
  3. Duterte’s Delusional Society

We need a name for the pushback.

“Dilawan” is good but it lacked clarity. Was the “delawan” PNoy? Was it Mar? Was it the Liberal Party? Is it Leni? Is it Leila? Is it Risa? Is it Bam? It’s way too nebulous. A new name is needed.

So in our hubris, we’ve decided to call the pushback…

Wait for it…

Wait for it…


Because why not.

It sounds like EDSA.

EDSA stood for something once. Now it’s spirit has been forgotten. EDSA today is just traffic.

FAFDA today is netizens poking fun at government ineptitude.

We’ll come up with what it stands for later on.

For now, we’d like to extend our thanks to this writer:

We laughed…

And then we bought the domain.

FAFDA Planet! (Channeling the 1995 Hackers movie, a time when the internets was still new to the world)

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